What is the Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation?

LMFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created in December 2010 to raise funds to support innovative educational programs within the Lucia Mar Unified School District. All donations to LMFI are tax deductible. Tax ID# 90-0720587.

Why is the Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation needed? Aren’t tax dollars supposed to pay for public education?

Investing in education is the most important thing we can to do to ensure that our students are prepared to succeed in college and/or careers. Current Federal and State public funding of Lucia Mar Unified School District does not provide enough for our schools to be the best they can be, and there are limited funds available for innovative programs.

What is the mission of the LMFI?

To engage, challenge, and inspire all of our children by partnering with the community to support educational innovation and excellence in Lucia Mar schools. Our vision is that our schools are places of excellence where our children learn the skills to be successful in the 21st century.

What are 21st century skills?

Problem solving, critical thinking, communication, global awareness, second language, technology, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, self-direction, innovation, imagination, creativity, and self-direction.

Who are the Foundation members?

LMFI is a community-based organization. The LMFI Board consists of community members, many of which have children or grandchildren who attend Lucia Mar schools, as well as business leaders who care about the future of our region.

Are the LMFI Board members governed by a set of bylaws?

Yes. To request a copy of the bylaws, please contact the Foundation.

What is the difference between the LMFI and South County Education Foundation?

LMFI aims to identify and support the most promising and innovative programs and practices that will allow Lucia Mar students to master 21st Century Learning Skills. South County Education Foundation’s purpose is to provide four major grants annually to the teachers in the Lucia Mar Unified School District – two to elementary schools and two to middle or high schools. Both types of support are valuable in helping make the Lucia Mar Unified School District a model district in the nation.

Will LMFI fundraising take away potential funds from other fundraising organizations like PTO, PTA, or Boosters Clubs?

No. LMFI purposely implements fundraising strategies that will not conflict with these organizations’ fundraising programs.

What types of programs are funded by LMFI?

The foundation identifies and supports promising and innovative programs that teach students 21st century skills and prepare them to be successful in college and careers. Working in partnership with the district and our schools, we provide financial assistance to programs that are results-oriented, high-impact, and sustainable. We seek programs that can be implemented throughout an entire school, serving as many students as possible, and/or throughout the entire district. We support professional development so that the best practices of our investments can be shared throughout the school district. Our initial investments were to support the innovative new school, Central Coast New Tech High, and the transformation of Grover Beach Elementary into an International Baccalaureate school. We also provided grants to 7 other schools to further their technology goals, and these projects provided critical learning to the district in the development of their district-wide technology plan. Since then we have established initiatives in the areas of STEM and Art. Our investment in professional development through the Institute of Learning is ongoing.

How are funding allocations determined?

The LMFI Board works in partnership with our school district and local schools to identify prospective programs to support. On occasion, LMFI issues a Request for Proposal for specific project funding. LMFI funds programs according to its mission and resources.

How can I donate?

LMFI accepts outright gifts of cash on a one-time or annual pledge basis, non-cash gifts of equipment or supplies, life estate gifts, charitable remainder uni-trusts, gift annuities, gifts of appreciated property and securities, and gifts of life insurance. Donate now using our link to Paypal, send us a check in the mail, or contact us to discuss your investment ideas.

How much should I give?

This is a personal choice. LMFI Board members would be happy to meet with you personally to discuss the donor giving levels and opportunities for impact.

Does the LMFI award scholarships?

Yes, LMFI’s Art Initiative distributes college scholarships to high school students who are the winners of our annual Art Contest.

Can I specify where I would like my donation to be spent?

Yes, as long as it is for a project consistent with the LMFI mission and approved by LMFI. If you are interested in making a directed donation, we welcome discussing this with you.

My child won’t participate in the programs funded by the Lucia Mar Foundation for Innovation. Why should I contribute? How will my student benefit?

Innovative educational programs within the schools of the Lucia Mar District make a positive impact on all of our schools. Methods and teaching styles applied in one program will be shared with teachers throughout the district. An innovative environment is contagious and will stimulate innovative teaching district-wide. In addition, Cal Poly will train new student teachers within this innovative environment, infusing a supply of new innovative teachers into the district.

My child/business is not in the Lucia Mar Unified School District, why should I donate?

Lucia Mar Unified School District intends to become a model school district for 21st century education in the nation. San Luis Obispo County will receive a county-wide benefit from Lucia Mar’s innovative programs, through professional development of teachers, training of new teachers, and skilled graduates that will contribute to the future leadership, stability, and economy of our county.

Why should my company become a corporate sponsor?

Great schools benefit everyone. Corporations benefit by a highly educated work force and an overall strong business community. Corporations can partner with the LMFI in a number of ways:

Provide matching donations when your employees donate individually to LMFI

Make donations through your corporate foundation

Make donations through our corporate partner program and receive an array of promotional benefits

How do I submit a project proposal to the LMFI?

Please contact LMFI or any of our Board members to discuss your school’s needs.

More Questions?

Contact us via email using the form or by mail at PO Box 48, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

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